The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (2024)

Popcorn is one of those special snacks that people love all over the world. Whether you’re looking to make a home cinema experience complete or simply looking for a healthy snack, popcorn definitely delivers, and today we’re going to explore the best popcorn kernels for home cinema and snacking so that you can find your favorites.

To help, we’ll talk a little about some kernel types, and then give you some examples of the best kernels on the market today. We’ll also throw in some first-timer tips for new popcorn fans and some buying advice so that by the time we’re done you’ll have everything you need to find your new favorite popcorn.

If you’re ready, then let’s get popping!

Top 3 – At a glance (For readers on the go!)

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (1)

For those who are in a hurry, we’ll give you a sneak peek at our 3 favorite kernels and tell you a little about each before we get this ball rolling. You’ll be able to learn a little more about these later in the article, but for now, here are our top 3 at a glance:

As a quick summary, Amish Country’s 10-pack gives you 10 gourmet selections so that you can quickly find a favorite and your family and friends can help you judge. With the Perfectware Movie Night Set, you’ve got all you need for popcorn like you get at the cinema – complete with a secret ingredient we’ll cover later.

Finally, for good, old-fashioned snacking, Snappy skips the ‘fancy gourmet’ stuff and simply delivers good, wholesome popcorn you can rely on!

More to come, but that’s our ‘quick version’ of our favorite Top 3 for folks in a hurry!

Popcorn Kernels 101 – a quick guide on what you need to know

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (2)

When you are looking for popcorn kernels for an upcoming movie night or some serious snacking, there are a few basics that you should know that can help you select the kinds that you might like the best. You’ll find many kernel types here, but we’ll take a ‘crash course’ approach so that you’ll have a good foundation to get you started.

Let’s look at some of the most common kernel types you’ll find and we’ll go from there!


Blue popcorn kernels are pretty to look at and commonly sold at health food stores around the world. That’s because they’re beautiful and also packed with antioxidants, although when you pop them up that blue’s going to go away and you’ll have a normal white kernel. You can pop it up on your stovetop and it’s also good for popcorn-making machines, but beyond this, you can season it to taste like any other popcorn kernel and keep a few of those pretty seeds for arts and crafts, if you like!


Another pretty popcorn kernel, red popcorn kernels look almost ruby-red so they definitely get your attention, but like the blue kernels, they’ll pop up white and that red will disappear. What you get when they pop is a small, butterfly-type popcorn (and more on this shortly) that has such a thin hull, that you won’t end up with much or any hulls in your teeth! You can pop them up on your stove or in a popcorn machine, either way, they’ll come out crunchy and delicious!


White and yellow popcorn are the most common types you’ll find, with white holding on to ‘second place’ for the most common popcorn kernel. They pop up a little smaller than yellow kernels, so that they’ll be approximately 40 times their original size, and you can pop them up just about any way that you like!


Yellow kernels are the most common and they pop up bigger, to about 45 times their original size, and they’re the most commonly snacked-on popcorn on the planet. Despite being the world’s favorite popcorn, they’re also the cheapest to buy and the easiest to find, which makes popcorn fans some lucky folks indeed!

Mushroom vs. Butterfly Popcorn

The final important distinction to keep in mind is ‘mushroom’ and butterfly-shaped popcorns. When you hear these terms, they denote particular shapes and overall mass. Mushroom popcorn gives you a big, fluffy piece of popcorn that’s more even in shape and a lot more durable than butterfly popcorn so it is better suited for glazes, caramel coating, and other heavy toppings.

By contrast, butterfly popcorn is smaller and breaks a little easier, which is good for quick snacking, but you’ll make a mess if you mix it with heavy toppings. Butterfly popcorn is also what you’re going to find the most – this is typically what’s served at cinemas, and carnivals, and comes packed into the microwave popcorn bags that you’ve got waiting in the pantry.

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s take a look at some popcorn kernels on the market so that we can help you to find the best for your own discerning tastes!

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (3)

In this section, we’ve collected 12 of the best popcorn kernels out there for home cinema and snacking and to keep things interesting, we’re going to include some review information from both the 5-star reviews and the much-more-sour 1-star variety.

We think that this will give a more ‘fair and balanced’ approach to helping you find your new favorite kernels, but just be sure to take in the good and the bad with a grain of salt – as we all know, internet feedback is kind of a mixed bag, so if you see a brand that you think you might like then just be sure to read the reviews on your own before making your decision.

With that said, here are the best of the best when it comes to popcorn kernels for home cinema and snacking!

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels – 5lbs

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (4)

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Way back in 1952, a man named Orville Redenbacher found a group of farmers to grow his exclusive kernels, which he had been developing since he was 12 years old! Fast-forward to the modern day and Orville Redenbacher is a household name and these Gourmet butterfly popcorn kernels are just another example of some seriously tasty popcorn that you can count on to come out perfect.

100% natural and non-GMO, you can pop these up on the electric or air popper, or simply on the stove. Best of all, you’ll rarely find more than 2 – 3 unpopped kernels!

Checking out the reviews to see how Orville’s gourmet popcorn fared, we can see that from a review pool of 83,129 ratings, 83% of customers gave this product 5 stars, and another 10% settled for 4 stars. Praise for these kernels came from users like ‘BobbyV’ who stated they ‘have never found more than one or two unpopped kernels’ and ‘Mark Agnello’ tells us they love the ‘light large popcorn kernels’.

Moving on to the less-than-savory reviews, only 2% of that whopping 80k+ review pool had anything bad to say, with ‘Erik’ complaining about 12 – 20 unpopped kernels and ‘Springtime’ felt that it had a ‘chemical taste’. While these reviews were definitely in the minority, be sure to read through some on your own and use your best judgment – this popcorn’s famous for a reason and we think you’re going to LOVE it!

Snappy Yellow Popcorn Kernels – 6, 12.5, or 50 lb bag

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (5)

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Next on our list is Snappy brand popcorn kernels and if you love a big ol’ bag of popcorn, then you can get these in 6, 12.5, or even 50 pound sizes.

If you haven’t heard of them before, Snappy has been around even longer than Orville Redenbacher – since 1940, in fact — so this is a popcorn brand that has kept folks happy for well over 80 years now! These particular kernels are butterfly style and are light-years better than what you’ll find in the store, so if you haven’t had Snappy, they’re well worth a try!

Walking over to the reviews, we can see that 77% of 4,385 reviewers felt that this was a 5-star popping corn, while another 12% felt it had earned at least a 4. ‘Sandra P. Poston’ commented said that this popcorn was delicious and there were very few unpopped kernels and ‘JS’, a second-time-buyer, says it’s ‘great popcorn’ and they’ll definitely be buying it again.

Continuing on to the ‘shady side’ of the reviews, 4% of customers were less satisfied with their own Snappy, with ‘katie webb’ stating that she got an entire bad bag that wouldn’t pop and that the ones that did taste stale. User ‘Bernida’ complained that the hot kernels shot out like bullets and that she didn’t feel they were popping correctly. As always, take all reviews with a grain of salt, but we promised to share both good and bad bits, so there you have it!

Amish Country Baby White Popcorn Kernels – 6lb

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (6)

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Another butterfly variety that really brings the flavor, these Amish Country Baby White Popcorn kernels are definitely the perfect treat for snacking or cinema.

Grown in Indiana by the Amish, if you love a natural popcorn then this might just be a perfect fit. Not only is it fresh from the farm, but they produce over 13 different types of kernels so you can pick your favorites or give some new kernels a try to see what you think!

Checking into the Hotel Review, folks really seem to like Amish country, with 78% of a pool of 10,246 reviewers giving these wholesome kernels 5 stars! Another 10% felt that it had earned 4 stars, and feedback included ‘Johnny 5’ telling us that these smaller kernels taste great and since they’re smaller, they don’t get stuck as often in your teeth. ‘Daniel’ chimes in to add that it might be ‘the cleanest popcorn I ever had’.

Moving along to see who didn’t like the product, we can see that 4% of customers felt that this popcorn wasn’t ‘all that’. ‘Florence’ tells us that only 75% of them popped in her air popper and that they came out tough, although she said that it’s possible that these were meant to be oil-popped. ‘Kalyx77’ adds that their popcorn came out huge, but also with lots of hush pieces. While the reviews were definitely weighted to the positive, just be sure to reserve judgment and check them on your own – it’s not every day you get to enjoy real Amish popcorn and it might just be your new favorite thing!

GREAT NORTHERN POPCORN COMPANY – Movie Theatre packs for Popcorn machines

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (7)

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If you’ve been looking for ‘Carnival corn’ or simply like the idea of having your popcorn ready-to-go with the perfect amount of coconut oil and buttery, salty flavor, then Great Northern Popcorn Company has got you covered. These guys provide ‘concession popcorn’ that you can also buy at home, so if you’ve been chasing that particular flavor then you should definitely give this butterfly corn a whirl.

The reviews definitely back up this assessment – from a pool of a respectable 19,425 pieces of feedback, a solid 79% of customers gave this popcorn 5 stars, and another 12% pitched in a 4-star rating. ‘Robert N.’ tells us that the 4 oz bags are a perfect fit for his Whirlypopper to make a ‘full batch of delicious popcorn’ and ‘S. Kaf’ tells us that this is just like ‘carnival corn’ with ‘just the right amount of butter flavor and saltiness’.

Of course, there’s no product out there that’s completely free from shade, and looking at the negative side of reviews it looks like 3% of reviewers felt this corn wasn’t all it was popped-up to be. ‘Casey Vore’ says that their popcorn came out half-popped and stale, while ‘Diggydimmdum’ felt it was a bit too salty.

For best results, check the reviews and see what YOU think, but if you like carnival corn we’d highly recommend Great Northern – they’re literally providing their corn to carnivals and other public venues across the USA!

Dutchman’s White Popcorn: Medium Popcorn Kernels – 4lb bag

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (8)

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Dutchman’s Hull-less White popcorn is a great medium-sized, butterfly-style popcorn that you won’t be picking out of your teeth all evening! This 4 lb bag is a good size – it’s not huge, but if you like it there’s enough to snack on until you can get a refill – and while no popcorn is ‘truly’ hull-less, this brand comes pretty darned close!

Wandering over to Review Town, Dutchman’s has done pretty well for themselves. From a respectable pool of 4055 reviews, 65% of those were 5-star ratings, while another 15% felt it had earned at least 4. “Razzbaz” tells us that it pops up ‘light and fluffy’ and that the kernels are the perfect sizes for adults and kids alike., while ‘GaryJ’ tells us that it has great flavor, very little husk, and pops the top right off of his popper!

Going to the flipside, however, 6% of reviewers were less than impressed with Dutchman’s kernels, with ‘Dana C.’ stating that she felt it had ‘more hulls’ than average popcorn and ‘Some guy in the midwest’ felt that it did poorly in the air popper. All in all, they’ve done quite well, so be sure to reserve judgment until you’ve read a few of those reviews on your own – the numbers don’t lie, after all!

International Popcorn Co. Heirloom Popcorn – 1.9 lb bag

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (9)

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If you’re looking for a little something different, then International Popcorn Company has a nice, little treat for you. This Heirloom Popcorn has azure, golden, and ruby-red seeds, all of which pop up light, fluffy, and delicious!

All-natural, these kernels contain bran, endosperm, and germ, so they are considered to be whole grain and much healthier than your average popping corn. They do pop a little smaller, but if crunchy butterfly corn is what you’re looking for, then this Heirloom popcorn definitely works a treat!

Out of a modest review pool of 463 reviews, this corn got 72% 5-star feedback, while another 13% felt these kernels had earned 4. ‘Dt405g’ tells us that it was so good, that they had to order another bag, and ‘Norman W. Smith’ agreed – calling it ‘excellent’ and ordering 2 more bags!

Walking into the shadowy side of the reviews, it looks like 5% of customers were not nearly as pleased with this Heirloom corn. ‘Heather Sawyer’ says that she had only a ‘50% pop rate’ and ‘Michelle Zimney’ didn’t like the taste, comparing it to ‘cardboard but with less flavor’ – ouch!

As always, take these reviews with a grain of salt, as there will always be ‘critics’ out there – we’re just bringing these to your attention so that you’ll know to read up a little on those reviews before you decide.

Bob’s Red Mill White Popcorn – 1.87 lb bag

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (10)

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Our next kernels are these Bob’s Red Mill White popcorn variety and they weigh in at 30 ounces, or just under 1.9 pounds. Established in 1978, this employee-owned business provides you with unseasoned kernels that pop-up with a signature flavor that’s known around the world.

For those with nut allergies, however, we should mention that these are produced in a factory that uses soy and tree nuts — so be advised! If you don’t have these particular allergies, however, we recommend giving this butterfly popcorn a try to see what all the fuss is about – you won’t be disappointed.

Legging over to the reviews, from a modest 1331 pieces of feedback, Bob’s scored an impressive 82% of 5-star reviews and another 12% grudgingly parted with 4 stars. ‘WinstonRH’ says it’s his favorite brand for his air popper and adds ‘Nothing fancy nor “gourmet” here folks, It’s simply good popcorn’. ‘Worksong’ adds their own feedback with ‘Best, most reliable popcorn I’ve found’, adding ‘almost zero hulls or widows’.

Checking the other side of the coin, only 1% of customers had anything negative to say about ol’ Bob, with ‘nanglo’ saying there were way too many hulls in a colorful, all-caps review, while ‘marcia olson’ said that she got a stale batch (although she added that he usually loves this stuff!). All in all, this popcorn was pretty well-received and we think you should give it a go to see what YOU think!

Hoosier Hill Farm Mushroom Popcorn – 4lb jar

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (11)

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If you like giant mushroom popcorn that you can coat with just about anything, then Hoosier Hill has got some great kernels for you!

These Hoosier Hill Mushroom Popcorn kernels are 100% non-GMO mushroom popcorn that will pop up large and fluffy for your movies or any other favorite snacking moments and they won’t break easily like your average butterfly popcorn. So, if caramel and other special homemade popcorn are your thing, then Hoosiers has definitely got you covered.

Checking the reviews to see if the product met the hype, we have 64% of 4630 reviewers firing back a 5-star rating, while another 13% felt that Hoosiers deserved at least 4. ‘Tim M.’ tells us that it’s excellent corn for coated or glazed popcorn, while ‘Walt S.’ adds that ‘the flavor was good’ and that it’s ‘nice sized popcorn’.

Moving along to the murky side of the reviews, however, 8% of reviewers didn’t seem to share the love for Hoosier Hills, with comments like ‘this is NOT mushroom popcorn’ from ‘Diane in Seattle’ and ‘R’ seemed to agree about the size, stating it’s ‘Not jumbo popcorn’ and adding ‘just average tough and chewy disappointment’. With all the good scores, this one’s definitely worth a little trip to the reviews of your own, but we’d be amiss if we didn’t share those comments so be sure to do your homework before you commit!

Black Jewell Hulless Popcorn Variety pack

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (12)

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Black Jewell started out in 1962, offering black heirloom popcorn, and folks loved it so much that they’re still going on strong to this day! If you’re looking for a gourmet treat, this Black Jewell Hulless Popcorn variety pack gives you 4 different varieties to try at home – Their original Black, Native Mix, Crimson, and Blue Ribbon White popcorn kernels. 100% natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free, if you’re a bit of a popcorn gourmet, then Black Jewell might just be your new favorite kernels of choice!

Moseying on down to the Review Corral, from a modest pool of 748 reviews, 66% of them were of the 5-star variety, and another 15% awarded these kernels 4. ‘Cocoapup’ says they’re ‘the best I’ve had so far’ and ‘inand15’ says the Native kernels are the best and seemed to indeed be hulless!

Progressing over to the dark side of reviews, 7% of customers didn’t find Black Jewell to be so shiny, with ‘NWac’ saying that these kernels were too hard to pop, while ‘itsjustmic’ said that they had a low yield compared to the scoops they used for popcorn and were thus disappointed.

As these are gourmet varieties, we recommend sticking to the popping instructions – there was enough good feedback that we have a feeling there might be a slight learning curve, but that’s just our 2 cents’ worth on the issue.

Amish Country Variety 10-pack

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (13)

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Amish Country makes our list again and remember when we said they have over 13 different types of popcorn kernels?

Well, here’s your chance to try the top 10! These packs include their signature Mushroom, Purple, Medium Yellow, Red, Extra Large, Baby White, Rainbow, Medium White, Ladyfinger, and Blue kernels. That’s 10 different popcorns for 10 movie nights, so it’s kind of a fun investment for those popcorn fans out there looking for something a little different.

These kernels did pretty well for themselves, with 76% of 7326 polled giving this sampler 5 stars, and another 14% awarding it 4 stars. ‘Ryan Dye’ calls it a ‘good sample’ and adds that it was fun to try the different types of popcorn, and ‘Christina Sturgill’ tells us it’s a ‘10/10, will buy again!’.

Only 2% of that whopping 7k+ pool were less than satisfied with their Amish Country kernels, with ‘Jackidance’ telling us she didn’t like the mushroom popcorn and hinting that she wished she went with Orville Redenbacher, and ‘Nena Regell’ said that everyone in her batch was tough and stale. As always, use your best judgment, but the numbers are still pretty fantastic for Amish Country so we think this is a ‘good gamble’ if you’re looking for a little gourmet popcorn with a whole lot of great feedback!

Perfectware Movie Night Popcorn Set

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (14)

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We wanted to include a couple of ‘movie night kits’ as a part of our kernel list so this first one is the Perfectware Movie Night Popcorn set and we think you’re going to love it. If you’ve ever wondered why movie popcorn tastes so much different from what you make at home, the secret is a little something called ‘flavacol’ and it’s a buttery salt that makes a world of difference.

With this kit, you get 4 pounds of butterfly popping kernels, along with a stainless steel shaker, flavacol salt, and a 32 oz old Barrel of coconut oil for popping your corn. It’s a sweet little set, especially if you’re just looking for the full ‘movie magic’ experience at home.

We’re pleased to report that out of a substantial pool of 12,025 reviewers, 77% percent gave this product 5 stars, and an additional 12% awarded it 4. ‘Corey’ tells us ‘this stuff is the real deal’, adding that it’s virtually indistinguishable from what you’re getting at the cinema, and ‘Wendy D.’ adds in that it’s ‘deliciously nostalgic’.

Wandering on to the bad side of review street, only 3% of customers were unhappy with their Perfectware fare, with ‘JordanRM’ not seeing what the fuss was about with the salt and ‘Letty Miller’ also feeling that the salt angle had been a bit ‘overhyped’. Ultimately, you’ll have to be the judge!

Movie Night Popcorn Set

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (15)

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Our final popcorn kernels come in another ‘kit form’ that we found which we think you’re going to enjoy.

The Movie Night Popcorn set is like a special movie night in a box. You get 5 gourmet popping corn kernels ( a mix of 3 varieties – Golden Classic, Poppin’ Blue, and Ruby Crunch), along with cute little cinema popcorn bags, and 5 seasoning packets that really pack a punch.

Flavors include classic salted butter, cheesy garlic parmesan, Better white cheddar, Dreamy creamy chive, and Fiery Hot Pepper. If you like the idea of ready-to-go movie night popcorn that’s out of this world when it comes to flavor, then this Movie Night Popcorn Set might just be a perfect fit.

Casting our collective gaze to the reviews, we see a pool of 1069 pieces of feedback, and 69% of those gave this product 5 stars. Another 16% awarded it a solid 4-star rating, and praise for this set included ‘Ruby’ telling us that ‘the seasonings and popcorn were absolutely delicious’ and ‘Natals’ saying the kids absolutely loved it (although they wish there were more kernels included).

On the darker side of the reviews, 5% of those polled felt the set was less than stellar, but most of these complaints had to do with damaged seals, with the exception of one from ‘Don A.’ that got our attention, where he says the picture shown on Amazon is not what you get.

Whenever we see this, we always try to bring it to your attention. In cases like this, we recommend that you ask the seller to send you an actual pic of what you get – it takes a little extra time, but good reviews or not we want to make sure that you’re getting what you bargained for.

That said, they’ve definitely got good numbers and other flavors, so this one’s probably worth that extra email step to the seller – just sayin’!

Best newbie tips for Popcorn Kernels

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (16)

If you’re new to the whole ‘gourmet popcorn’ thing or simply want to make a mental checklist for picking the perfect popcorn, then we’ve got a few tips that we think you might find useful. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out popcorn kernels:

  • Always try to go with Non-GMO kernels that are organically raised– that way you know that you’re getting a natural product without any surprise chemicals that you don’t want and definitely don’t need.
  • If you aren’t keen on flavoring those kernels yourself, look for coated kernels – you can pop up some seriously flavorful popcorns with very little effort at all and that’s always nice when you just have a snack craving that you need to satisfy.
  • Rounder kernels tend to pop more evenly, especially if you’re new to popping your own corn. So, try to avoid elongated kernels and go with the roundest ones you can find.
  • You don’t have to buy microwave popcorn at all if you don’t wanna – if you invest in brown paper bags, you can simply add kernels and the recommended amount of oil, shake them, and microwave them just like store-bought packs!

Buying information for Popcorn Kernels

We wanted to include a few buying tips for folks who are looking for their new favorite popcorn or simply want to get the most mileage out of their purchases. Here are a few popcorn-buying tips that you can put to good use:

  • If you want to coat the popcorn with caramel or other goodies, then look for ‘mushroom’ popcorn – this pops bigger and won’t break apart like smaller and more common ‘butterfly’ popcorn.
  • If you buy in bulk, popcorn can last almost indefinitely as long as it’s stored in an airtight container – but once that’s opened, you really want to pop it all within 6 months, or you’ll get a lot of unpopped bits. A good compromise is to buy in bulk, but in the form of smaller, individually sealed packs of your favorite kernels. They’ll last considerably longer that way.
  • If you end up with a bad batch, be sure to tell the vendor immediately – Popcorn companies have a very ‘old school’ customer service attitude and they’ll likely replace your popcorn and may even throw in some goodies by way of apology. Companies like ‘Amish Country’ are a good example of this but it’s a surprisingly prevalent attitude in the popcorn market – it’s an old-fashioned treat that’s somehow kept old-fashioned values, and that’s a rare thing these days!

Product recommendations – Our favorite 3 Pop-sketeers!

Now that we’ve shared some of the best popcorn kernels and sets on the market, it’s time for us to pick a favorite and tell you why we chose them.

Best Overall Gourmet Selection – Amish Country variety 10-pack

Amish Country’s variety 10 pack is our favorite ‘gourmet sampler’ and you really get a great selection – plus popcorn kernels from an Amish farm??! It doesn’t get much more natural and wholesome than that, folks!

Included in your 10-pack are the following favorites:

  • Mushroom
  • Purple
  • Medium Yellow
  • Red
  • Extra Large
  • Baby White
  • Rainbow
  • Medium White
  • Ladyfinger
  • Blue

This makes a great sampler for having movie nights where you and your friends or family can try out all the different popcorn and decide on the definitive best together and that’s quite the fun journey you’ll be taking together!

Best ‘Movie Nostalgia’ Popping Corn – Perfectware Movie Night Popcorn Set

We liked this set because they bring the ‘secret ingredient’ of flavacol into the equation, which is something that has eluded many of us on that eternal quest for popcorn that tastes just like you got it at a carnival or at the movies.

This may not be a favorite for the younger crowd – these days instant popcorn has been a thing for so long, that the nostalgia isn’t always there, but for adults that grew up with popcorn mostly being a snack associated with going out, this set is definitely a keeper and comes nostalgia-packed!

Best Popcorn for Snacking – Snappy Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Our final selection is Snappy Yellow Popcorn Kernels as the ‘Best Popcorn for Snacking’ and they really fit the bill. They aren’t fancy – they’re yellow popcorn kernels, the most common kind around, but Snappy has been producing these since the 1940s so you’ll get wholesome, delicious yellow popcorn kernels and unpopped kernels are definitely the exception and not the norm.

It’s just reliable, good snacking and if popcorn is your go-to snack, Snappy won’t disappoint you!


That’s just about all of the space that we have for today, but before we go we wanted to share a few frequently asked questions on the subject of popcorn kernels that we think you’ll find useful. Let’s take a look and then we’ll get to officially wrapping things up!

How should my popcorn kernels be stored?

Ideally, you want an airtight container, such as a plastic Tupperware container or a sealable glass jar. Once your kernels are inside, you should put them somewhere well away from sunlight and the ideal storage temperature should fall between 40 and 74 degrees.

Don’t worry – usually the pantry is fine, but do try to eat your popcorn within the next 6 months. Once you get it out of the package and reseal it, then over time it will pop less efficiently as it dries out, so it’s best not to store it away ‘forever’ but to eat it in the next 6 months.

Are white popcorn kernels better than yellow?

White popcorn has a slight health edge, in that it has slightly fewer calories and a little more fiber, but otherwise they are both fiber-packed and considered a very low-calorie snack. With toppings, though, yellow kernels will be better, as they pop bigger and don’t break apart as easily as the smaller white popcorn kernel varieties.

Are there any hacks to make my popcorn pop better?

Yes, we do have a popping hack that you can try the next time you go to pop some popcorn. Soak the kernels in water for approximately 10 minutes, drain them, and pop them like you normally would. The extra moisture content that the kernels soak in will make them pop up bigger and fluffier!

In Conclusion

That’s all of the time that we have for today, but we hope that you’ve enjoyed sharing this search for the best popcorn kernels together and that you’ve found a few potential new favorites you’re looking to try. Just remember that once you get those kernels home and opened, it’s best to seal them away in a glass, sealable jar, or an airtight plastic container and put them somewhere cool and dark.

Try to eat them up within the next 6 months and don’t forget that you can soak the kernels for 10 minutes beforehand for a little extra popping power – it’s the moisture in the kernels that really does the trick. Thanks so much for reading and we hope that all your cinema and snacking comes with perfect popcorn and fond memories you can keep!

The Best Popcorn Kernels for Home Cinema and Snacking (2024)


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