SAT Practice and Preparation – SAT Suite (2024)

Digital SAT Suite of Assessments

From free practice tests to a checklist of what to bring on test day, College Board provides everything you need to prepare for the digital SAT.


Step 1: Now

Download and install the Bluebook app.

Step 2: Two Weeks Before Test Day

Take a full-length practice test in Bluebook.

Step 3: Five Days Before Test Day

Complete exam setup in Bluebook and get your admission ticket.

Step 4: On Test Day

Arrive on time (check your admission ticket).

Studying and Practice Tests

Practice Tests

Find full-length practice tests on Bluebook™ as well as downloadable linear SAT practice tests.

Start Practicing

Khan Academy

Official Digital SAT Prep on Khan Academy® is free, comprehensive, and available to all students.

Go to Khan Academy

Assistive Technology

Get information on how to practice for the digital SAT if you're using assistive technology.

Learn More

SAT Practice and Preparation – SAT Suite (1)

My Practice

Take full-length digital SAT practice exams by first downloading Bluebook and completing practice tests. Then sign into My Practice to view practice test results and review practice exam items, answers, and explanations.

Download Bluebook

What to Bring and Do on Test Day

Find out everything you need to bring and do for the digital SAT.

Get Ready for Test Day



SAT Student Guide (U.S.)

This guide provides helpful information for students taking the SAT during a weekend administration in Spring 2024.

  • PDF
  • 862.25 KB


SAT International Student Guide

A guide to the SAT for international students to learn how to prepare for test day. It covers the structure of the digital test, how to download the app and practice, information about policies, and testing rules.

  • PDF
  • 986.38 KB


SAT School Day Student Guide

Information about SAT School Day, sample test materials, and test-taking advice and tips.

  • PDF
  • 1.12 MB


SAT Practice Quick Start Guide

Learn how to practice for the SAT with this step-by-step guide.

  • PDF
  • 1.83 MB


Guía de inicio rápido de la práctica

Aprende cómo practicar para el SAT con esta guía de inicio rápido.

  • PDF
  • 731.15 KB


Why Should I Practice for the SAT?

This resource informs students about the benefits of practicing for the SAT and provides links to free practice resources.

  • PDF
  • 502.53 KB


¿Por qué debería practicar para el SAT?

Este folleto ofrece información sobre los beneficios de practicar para el SAT e incluye enlaces hacia recursos de práctica.

  • PDF
  • 156.77 KB


A Parent/Guardian's Guide to Official SAT Practice: Getting Your Teen Ready for the SAT

This resource provides parents and guardians with a schedule outline to help their child prepare for the SAT and includes links to free official practice materials.

  • PDF
  • 1.03 MB


A Parent/Guardian's Guide to Official SAT Practice: Getting Your Teen Ready for the SAT (Spanish)

This resource provides parents and guardians with a schedule outline to help their child prepare for the SAT and includes links to free official practice materials.

  • PDF
  • 326.09 KB


SAT Suite Question Bank: Overview
SAT Practice and Preparation – SAT Suite (2024)


Is Khan Academy worth it for SAT prep? ›

Is Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy as good as expensive test prep? Yes. In fact, Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy has several advantages over other test-prep companies. It's the only SAT practice site of its kind that's officially endorsed by the College Board.

How many hours a day should I do SAT prep? ›

Most study gurus recommend a minimum of 10 hours weekly for at least two weeks before the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). That should be considered the bare minimum necessary to achieve a passing score. Unless you are an exemplary student with an eidetic memory, you will need more time preparing for the SAT.

What is a good SAT prep schedule? ›

At a minimum, you should plan to spend an hour a week on your SAT prep, though it's recommended that you carve out 2-3 hours per week. The weeks in which you'll be taking an SAT practice test (there are 4 in this 3 Month Study Plan) will require more time—plan to spend about 6 hours on SAT prep during these weeks.

Is 1500 SAT good enough? ›

A 1500 puts you in nearly the 95th percentile of all 1.7 million test takers. Just 100 points shy of a perfect score, a 1500 on the SAT makes you eligible to apply to every college and university in the country and be competitive for admission at almost every single one, including elite institutions.

How to get a 1600 on the SAT? ›

4 Essential Tips for Scoring a Perfect 1600 on the SAT
  1. Start Preparing Early. You should start studying and preparing for the SAT at least three months before your test. ...
  2. Use Official SAT Study Materials. ...
  3. Practice the Pacing. ...
  4. Target Your Mistakes and Revisit New Material.

What are the disadvantages of Khan Academy? ›

With Khan Academy, students don't experience the nuances and complexities of a classroom environment. They don't receive feedback from the teacher or fellow students, nor do they get any personalized guidance. Another issue with Khan Academy is that it often does not align with the curriculum of a given school.

How much does Khan Academy SAT prep cost? ›

For parents. SAT practice on Khan Academy is world-class SAT prep that's effective and 100% free.

How much can Khan Academy increase your SAT score? ›

As any well-prepared SAT math student can see, Khan Academy's claim is less impressive the closer you look. Remember, Khan Academy is bragging that its average increase of 115 points is “nearly double” the average score improvement of students who don't use its platform.

Is 1400 a good SAT score? ›

Hi there! A 1400 SAT score is generally considered a strong score, falling roughly in the 94th percentile nationally. However, when it comes to top schools, the competitiveness of your score depends on the specific schools you're interested in.

What should I do 3 days before the SAT? ›

3 days before the test date – Spend more time revising and working on those areas that you are still struggling with and which are causing you to lose marks. 2 days before the test date – It's time to take a step back and slow your pace down. Keep just an hour or two to revise and practice but do not overdo it.

Is it worth taking the SAT 3 times? ›

Overall, you have a high chance of improving your score. Each time you take the SAT, you become better at the routine of taking the test. Furthermore, if you put in the time and focus on your results, you can fine-tune your studying. This means that theoretically, taking the test at least 2 or 3 times is a good idea.

Did Khan Academy get rid of SAT prep? ›

While this means the Official SAT Prep product from Khan Academy has been deprecated, Khan Academy is still the official partner of College Board and is here to provide you with redesigned tools to prepare students for success on the digital SAT.

What is the best SAT prep book to use? ›

Top General SAT Prep Books
  • Barron's "SAT Study Guide Premium, 2021-2022" ...
  • KALLIS' "SAT Pattern Strategy, 3rd Edition" ...
  • Kaplan's "SAT Prep Plus 2022" ...
  • McGraw Hill Education's "SAT Elite 2022" ...
  • "SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition" ...
  • The Princeton Review's "SAT Premium Prep, 2022"

What is the best grade to start preparing for the SAT? ›

With this in mind, we recommend that all students start preparing for at least one exam (ACT or SAT) by the 10th grade, but no earlier than the summer before 9th grade.

What is the best way to prepare for SAT? ›

Below, we break down nine ways to prepare for the SAT, with advice from test-prep experts.
  1. Create an SAT Study Schedule. ...
  2. Use Quality Prep Materials. ...
  3. Increase Your Reading Speed. ...
  4. Target the Mistakes You Can Control. ...
  5. Come to Test Day Prepared. ...
  6. Answer the Questions You Know First. ...
  7. Eliminate Incorrect Answers.

What is the best resource for SAT prep? ›

  • Khan Academy. Khan Academy leads in SAT preparation, offering high-quality, official SAT prep materials at no cost. ...
  • College Board. ...
  • Princeton Review. ...
  • Magoosh. ...
  • Kaplan Test Prep. ...
  • PrepScholar. ...
  • McGraw-Hill Education. ...
  • 4Tests.
Jan 29, 2024

Are SAT prep courses worth it? ›

After all, prep classes aren't just about teaching you the content on a test, but also about giving you critical test-taking tips and tricks. Classes that don't explicitly state what percentile their teachers scored in on the SAT or ACT most likely won't be worth the cost.

Which SAT practice test is the most accurate? ›

To get the most accurate feel for the real SAT, I recommend using the official SAT practice tests provided by the College Board. They currently offer eight full-length practice tests which closely resemble the actual exam.


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