PoE Builds 3.20: Corrupting Fever Champion Build (2024)

The newly introduced Corrupting Fever Champion is the best build you will experience in many ways. It provides significant mapping speed, blasting mob ability, and many other perks for end-game content.

PoE Builds 3.20: Corrupting Fever Champion Build (1)

This article will give you a quick overview of Corrupting Fever and its skills and ascendancy nodes that are essential to this build, plus how it can help you gain PoE currency fast.

Corrupting Fever Champion Overview

Corrupting Fever Champion is the best build this season, as it got it all, and it does it all. With this build, you will love blasting all the mobs on even the hardest of Red maps and will be able to kill most Uber bosses. You will get all in one with this build; that's how fun it is.

Corrupting Fever Champion has many perks according to your playstyle if you like what you read. It got speed, defense, evasion, mitigation recovery, etc. Moreover, it'll scale to be enough damage the longer you are in battle. If you want to avoid dying in every map at least once, like in other builds, this is the build for you.

Gameplay Overview & Perks

If you want to relax on league start, this will be an easy build to play. With this build, it is a map blaster as you dive into mobs on different maps. It got Kinetic Blast, so you don't need Hemophilia or Poet's Pen as you have Kinetic Blast and Corrupting Fever. With this fantastic combo, you are just reaping the boss once you get some unique gems.

Using other builds will not give you much high-speed mapping, but if you go for the Corrupting Fever, you can do mapping way faster than the other builds.

If fighting a solo boss or monster, this build will not give you much damage. So, to inflict more damage on the enemies, you will need to level up and use related skills and gems.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Here are the strength and weaknesses of the newly released champion in patch 3.20

Difficulty: The difficulty level is considered moderate

Budget: The budget required for the Fever Champion is average

Mapping: Mapping of Fever Champion is excellent

Bossing: The Boss killing is below average

Defense: The defense of the Fever champion is great

Skill Breakdown of Corrupting Fever Champion

Here is the required skill breakdown for Corrupting Fever Champion

Corrupting Fever

To activate Corrupting Fever, you must sacrifice some of your HP each time. Hitting the enemies by applying the stacking Corrupting Blood will cause the physical damage to increase the more you use it.

Although you will deal significant damage, using the skill will also cost your health. Using the gem will drain your life 50% or more, but it will also give you extra adrenaline at the same time.

After every 20 seconds or so, it will grant you a handsome amount of adrenaline. Moreover, you will deal physical damage will be increased by 25%.

When you are below your average health, Your movement speed will be increased by 10%, and you will take less damage from the opponent.

Kinetic Blast

To enhance your map's clear speed, you will need Kinetic Blast and apply Corrupting Fever's Corrupting Blood during the mapping phase. Each time you attack, a blast will automatically be created during combat.

To create a blasting effect, you must attack your enemy while your gem is active. The explosion created during the hit will not be massive; it will be small.

Utility And Auras

Auras and utility play an essential role in PoE, no matter what build you use. Auras and utility have their perks and can enhance your attributes and help you survive in some cases while enhancing the damage in others. In Corrupting Fever, it plays a vital role by allowing you to move faster and increasing the speed so you can quickly progress through the maps.

If enemies surround you, you can easily escape them, but you will need to use the Frostblink skill gem. This will help you to teleport from the enemy zones in the blink of an eye. You can also use Blood Rage with the active skill for extra speed and damage.

The build will boost your character during clearing maps by giving you Frenzy charges whenever you kill an enemy. To get an extra hand, you must keep your Aura activated. Even if you die, you have to re-activate it.


Reap helps deal more damage to the enemies, and with time it increases the damage rate with Reap. You will have to turn your Life force into a defense and add Bloody Scythe with Reap

to get additional damage.

Most enemies will die with the first strike if weaker than you. However, you will also encounter fearsome enemies that will be stronger than you. They will not die in your first strike but lose at least 50% of their health.

The enemy that survives your attack will gain more damage by your Blood Charge due to Reap additional damage.


Vulnerability will prevent you from taking extra physical damage from your enemies. When you use the vulnerability skill, it provides you additional damage and a great chance of getting a critical hit as well.

If you face any enemy higher than your current level, you will have a chance of 20% of critical hit and inflict bleeding damage to your enemy. If any cursed enemy bleed with your attack will have a 100% chance of exploding with Hemophilia.

Ascendancy Breakdown

Corrupting Fever will be the best build as it offers more defenses and an enhanced strike rate. It also provides you with powerful auras and utility. Here is the breakdown of ascendancy.

You get 100% of your adrenaline if you combine Frist to Strike and Last to Fall with the Corrupting Fever. But combing it will cost life as well.

Your attack speed and damage are also increased, and your immunity to Stuns is all while Fortified.

You can increase your Evasion rating and health by Unstoppable Hero, which will endow 500 flat armor.

Using Inspirational, you will get 30% more effect of non-curse auras and cost banners.


Here is the beginner's guide to the newly released build Corrupting Fever Champion for the latest expansion, the Forbidden Sanctum. In this guide, we have discussed all the weaknesses and strengths and why this build is better for new players or best to play the early game. Learn more about other builds and enhancements in the game from our PoE page.

PoE Builds 3.20: Corrupting Fever Champion Build (2024)


How much damage does corrupting fever do? ›

Corrupting Fever is a spell that grants a similarly-named buff. While the buff is active, hitting enemies will inflict stacks of Corrupted Blood on them that deal physical damage over time, up to a maximum of 10 stacks.

How do you get immune to corrupted blood? ›

Corrupted blood can also be completely avoided by using a jewel with the corrupted implicit modifier Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you. A non-jewel Delve mod of the same mod text, can also be found in the Azurite Mine.

Is corrupted fever an ailment? ›

Corrupting Fever applies Corrupted Blood. Corrupted Blood is only a debuff, not an ailment, which is why the effect of Corrupted Blood does not depend the damage or damage type of the hit that inflicted it.

How to scale corrupting cry poe? ›

There are only 3 ways to do so: a special modifier on a Weapon that increases Levels of Socketed Support Gems, Corrupted Implicits on Body Armour, and a Forbidden Shako Unique Helmet.

How to get vaal reap? ›

Vaal Reap can drop from the Vaal Vessels found in Vaal side areas, or by corrupting Reap.

Where can I get brutality poe? ›

Item acquisition
  • Recipes. Brutality Support can be created from the following recipes:
  • Quest reward. This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:
  • Vendor reward. This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests: Class → Witch. Shadow. Ranger. Duelist. Marauder. Templar.

How does bleed work in poe? ›

Bleeding, or bleed, is an ailment that deals physical damage over time to the affected target. Moving targets suffer increased bleeding damage. Only physical damage hits can inflict bleed. There are no sources of global chance to bleed or chance to bleed with spells.


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