Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Messmer The Impaler Boss Guide (2024)

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Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree features a variety of bosses that are quite challenging for even the best Souls-like veterans. So, it’s necessary to head into a fight after making the necessary preparations, and learning a boss’ moveset to dodge their attacks.


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Messmer The Impaler is one of the most iconic bosses in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, considering the hype surrounding him even before the DLC’s launch. You’ll come across him fairly early in the playthrough, but Messmer is no pushover and will put all your abilities to the test if you truly seek to conquer him.

How To Find Messmer The Impaler

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Messmer resides in the Shadow Keep, a legacy dungeon. Once you’ve cleared Castle Ensis, and defeated Rellana, Twin Moon Knight successfully, you will gain access to the Scadu Atlas region. From here, you have to move northwest to reach Shadow Keep.

Once you’re inside the Shadow Keep, make your way to the Specimen Storehouse area. Make your way to the topmost level, and there you’ll find Messmer right behind the door in front of the Dark Chamber Entrance Site of Grace.

Recommended Preparations For Fighting Messmer

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Messmer hits very hard and can easily take you down in a matter of seconds if you let your guard down. It’s recommended that you have at least level ten Scadutree Blessing, and at least level six Revered Spirit Blessing, so your spirit summons can hold their own in the fight and survive till the end.

Equipping the Flamedrake Talisman +3 is also a good choice against this boss, as most of his attacks deal fire damage. Any armor that raises your fire resistance alongside physical damage resistance is also recommended for this boss fight.

Messmer is quite nimble, and can close the distance between you and him in the blink of an eye. As a sorcerer, you should equip Radagon’s Icon Talisman to shorten your spell-casting time. Avoid equipping Azur’s Glintstone Staff, as it reduces the spell-casting time, but at the cost of increased FP consumption, which you’ll have to cautiously manage in this boss fight.

For melee builds, equipping a shield is ideal, as it can block a lot of damage coming from him, especially during close combat. Messmer is resistant to fire and holy damage and weak to frost and bleed, so make sure you equip incantations that deal frost or bleed damage.


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How To Beat Messmer The Impaler

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Using a Mimic Tear is ideal for this fight, as it can serve as a distraction to the boss, and give you those moments of brief respite where you can chug a flask without risking too much. You can also use Luthel the Headless or Banished Knight Oleg spirit summons to serve as tanks. Once you’re inside Messmer’s arena, you can also summon Hornsent to aid you in the fight if you haven’t killed the NPC yet.

For sorcerer builds, the best strategy is to use a spirit summon to keep Messmer occupied while you use Comet repeatedly. Some other recommended spells include Night Comet, and Adula's Moonblade. We recommend you to not equip spells that take a lot of time to cast.

If you’re using a melee build, we recommend you to equip a shield. Most of Messmer’s attacks can be blocked with a shield more consistently. Equipping a Great Shield would be ideal, but we recommend using a medium shield with 100 percent physical damage absorption and good fire resistance, because medium shields are lighter and easier to move around with.

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Furthermore, using a bleed build can be very effective against this boss, especially the two-handed weapons that can inflict bleed. Messmer's attacks can be interrupted if you hit him with a Greatsword, and can be staggered easily with a few well-placed hits from your Greatsword's heavy attacks, or by repeatedly using Ash of Wars such as Hoarfrost Stomp or Flame Skewer.

For Faith builds, Incantations such as the Frozen Lighting Spear and any "Aspects Of The Crucible" Incantations can be useful for this fight. Avoid using Dragon Communion Incantations as they take a lot of time to cast, and Messmer can quickly close in the distance and hit you.

First Phase

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As soon as you step into the arena, Messmer will jump into the air with a glowing fire orb in his hand and smash it at your feet. This is a two-hit attack, so make sure you dodge the second hit of the attack as the orb explodes.

From here on, you have to avoid getting caught up in his combo attacks. You can do so by either rolling or just blocking his attacks. Make sure you dodge backwards when Messmer jumps into the air at the end of his spear combo, and his spear is glowing, which signals that he will smash it into the ground, which also deals area-of-effect damage, and you might get clipped if you roll in any other direction.

If you’re standing close to Messmer, he might launch a two-hit attack where he swings his spear, splashing flames in the direction in front of him. You can easily dodge this attack by rolling. Messmer might sometimes jump into the air and throw a spear at you. The move has identical animation to his very first orb attack, and can be dodged by rolling at the correct time.

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Messmer The Impaler Boss Guide (8)

The boss might also cast a fireball Incantation similar to many enemies you would have come across on your way to Messmer’s location. The fireball hangs in the air for a small duration before tracking and hitting you. You can dodge this move by rolling in any direction.

Beware of Messmer's grab attack as it can one-shot you. His hands will glow as he reaches forward while trying to grab you. The move is slow, but you have to be careful, as he can grab you out of your rolls if you dodge in the wrong direction. The best way to deal with it is to stay out of range, and if that is not possible, just roll towards him.

Second Phase

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Like the first phase, Messmer will launch another orb attack, and smash it on the ground, except this time he has turned into a huge snake, and it deals a lot more damage and the second hit has increased area-of-effect. Roll to avoid the first hit and jump or roll away from the snake to dodge the second hit.

Messmer will often shoot a snake towards you, and emerge from right under it. Attacking the snake also deals damage to Messmer, so dodge the attack by rolling or blocking and then counterattack.

The boss can also summon a bunch of snakes that surround him, randomly attacking the area around him. The best option is to just create some distance between yourself and Messmer. Roll to dodge any snake bite attacks.

During this attack, Messmer might stop attacking a little early, but that does not stop the snakes around him from attacking you, so wait till all the snakes have disappeared before approaching him after this attack.

What To Do With Remembrance Of The Impaler

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Defeating Messmer gives you Remembrance of the Impaler and Messmer’s Kindling Key Item as a reward, alongside 400,000 runes. You can also purchase his armor from Enia at the Roundtable Hold after defeating him. Remembrance of the Impaler can be used to get either Messmer’s Orb Incantation or Spear of the Impaler.

The Spear of the Impaler comes with a unique heavy attack, which can be charged. The heavy attack lets you throw the spear, which explodes after hitting the ground if it is fully charged. The Messmer’s Assault Ash of War is similar to the boss’ rush attack combo, which he often uses in his fight against you.

Messmer’s Orb, on the other hand, is the same attack Messmer uses as you enter his arena. The Incantation causes you to jump into the air and then crash to the ground with the flaming orb in your hand, which later explodes to deal area-of-effect damage.


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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Messmer The Impaler Boss Guide (2024)


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