Does Shadowflame count as fire? – Gaming FAQ (2024)

Shadowflame is a type of magic created from a combination of elemental fire and shadow magic. Shadowflame still behaves similarly to elemental fire, as it can be conducted with earth cores as fire can.

Shadowflame is a Warlock spell of the Destruction tree. It is a Cone AoE ability that affects multiple targets within its reach, dealing direct Shadow damage and a Fire damage-over-time effect to each.

Shadowflame Wreath is only good as offhand enchant. Sophic Devotion is better on main hand or if you have a single weapon.

Shadowflame Essence is one of the brand new crafting reagents in Patch 10.1. This reagent is particularly important because it is used to craft items like Shadowed Alloy.

30 yd range. Instant. Hurls a ball of shadowflame at the target, inflicting Shadowflame damage and absorbing healing on targets within 3 yards for 10 sec.

What does Shadowflame do?

Shadowflame is a debuff that prevents health regeneration and causes the afflicted NPC to lose 15 health per second. If affected by the Oiled debuff, they will lose 40 health per second instead. No enemies inflict this debuff. Enemies immune to Shadowflame are also immune to Cursed Inferno.

Is Shadowflame even good?

It’s almost like lethality but for mages. Unless you’re into a ton of tanks, why would a mage with burst damage want max health damage from the likes of things like liandrys or demonic. A burst mage is there to dish out huge damage to the backline, similar to an assassin. Shadowflame simply is just the best for this.

Should I sell Shadowflame Essence?

Sell them or save them for crafts. I believe they are used in some of the new enhances and gear such as shadow flame armor patch and the new shadow flame belt buckle, etc. Either choice is valid, but they will slowly go down in price, so if you have no reason for them now, sell them and buy more if you need them later.

What is the best reforge for the Shadowflame knife?

Its best modifier is Godly or Demonic. Both modifiers increase the average damage output by the same amount.

How do you get the spark of Shadowflame?

You can get one Splintered Spark of Shadowflame per week from weekly quests, starting with the release of patch 10.1. Combine two to create a Spark of Shadowflame, used for crafting Dragonflight Season 2 gear. Additionally there is a one-time quest, Power Unified, which gives you one bonus Splinter, once per character.

Is Shadowflame a good item reddit?

With any magic pen shadowflame becomes a much better item. Most burst mages build ludens, which raises the MR value that shadowflame is better by. And into tanks, the high MR targets that horizon is always better into, you normally build void anyway which makes shadowflame even more optimal compared to horizon.

Where do you put Shadowflame wreath?

It is because in order to craft the enchant and to apply it to your weapon, you have to be near the profession table added in Patch 10.1. The Shadowflame Incantation Table can be found inside the current Fyrakk Assault zone and it’s actually pretty easy to spot when you know where to look.

Where do I put Shadowflame enchantment?

You can find the the Shadowflame Incantation Table, that you need to apply this, in the Fyrakk Assault area.

Does sunfire count as fire damage?

A quick beam of solar light burns the enemy for 1 Fire damage and then an additional 1 Fire damage over 12 sec to the primary target and all enemies within 5 yards.

Does shadow damage count as magic damage?

Yes. Where did you see the term “magic damage”? If an item (or talent) boosts magic damage, that includes shadow, frost, arcane, etc.

Does chaos count as fire damage?

Yes, Chaos does Fire damage in addition to regular damage, just like a Fire weapon.

Is Shadowflame bow better than Daedalus Stormbow?

Daedalus Stormbow is infinitely better, because combined with holy arrows it allows literal death to rain upon your enemies. Daedalus stormbow, is a strong aoe. But only that good above ground and it doesn’t have the best aim. Shadowflame bow, is a fast bow that isn’t affected by gravity.

Is the Shadowflame knife good against the twins?

So while Titanium Trident is a good option for destroyer specifically, I would go shadowflame any other day for Twins, Prime, and Queen Slime.

What is the best Shadowflame Hex doll modifier?

Its best modifier is Mythical.

Can you get more renascent Shadowflame?

When the Catalyst opens for Aberrus, all players will receive a Renascent Shadowflame Charge for every one of their characters. Every week thereafter, all characters on your account will automatically get a Renascent Shadowflame charge, the account-wide quest has been removed.

How do you use the spark of Shadowflame?

All you need to craft your items is a Spark of Shadowflame (two for two-handed weapons), the required crafting materials (for example ores for plate armor, cloth for cloth armor) and a draconic missive with your desired stats from the auction house or someone with the inscription profession and you’re good to go: the …

What is the first item Shadowflame?

The First Shadowflame is a Hardmode accessory dropped by the Goblin Summoner during a Goblin Invasion. It grants all minions the ability to inflict the Shadowflame debuff, which prevents health regeneration and deals 15 damage per second, and lasts for 3 seconds.

Is Shadowflame a bad item?

Yes, because Void Staff is a % magic penetration item, and Shadowflame is a flat magic pen item. The point is that Serpents is always good vs shields while Shadowflame isn’t and therefore you shouldn’t buy Shadowflame for its passive but for the AP and flat pen.

How do Shadowflame crests work?

Aspect Shadowflame Crests are used in combination with Flightstones to upgrade Dragonflight Season 2 PvE items from item levels 437 to 441 (Hero rank 4/5 to 5/5), where one crest is required per item. Upgrades can be carried out at any Item Upgrade NPC, including Cuzolth at /way #14022 56.6 56/ in the Zaralak Cavern.

What is the vault of the Shadowflame?

The Vault of the Shadowflame comprises the bulk of Blackwing Descent. It consists of a circular chamber which branches off into several wings, where Chimaeron, Atramedes, and Maloriak can be found. Additionally, this is where Nefarian raises Onyxia from the dead.

Does Shadowflame count as fire? – Gaming FAQ (2024)


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